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Create & sell anything in minutes

There are many ways to use our simple shop platform.

Catalogue items

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Select from hundreds of items in your group colours. Choose to embroider, print or engrave with your designs.

Edit your shop price to raise funds. Give your customers the option to add their name.

ShopKeepEasy will manufacture to order and home deliver or send to the group for collection. No need to hold stock. No minimum orders.

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Second hand items

Item type secondhand
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Want to raise money from unused items or clear out unclaimed lost property?

Simply select item on your shop that is second hand and select the amount you want to collect for it.

ShopKeepEasy will add it to your shop as a unique item that you have in stock so that it can only be bought once. Easy!

Tickets & Subscriptions

Item type tickets
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Collect money online and access your customer history database to download the orders.

Create tickets with multiple price points (such as ‘with food’, ‘front row’ or ‘VIP’). You can also specify a maximum number so that you don’t sell more if spaces are limited.

Collect donations

Item type donation
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Easily launch a donation collection request.

Supporters can gift aid their donation at checkout, if applicable, giving you a 25% boost.

We offer a range of items to reward supporters.

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Local business items

Item type local carwash
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Reach out to local businesses and add their products/services to your shop - for a donation per sale.

Let the platform take care of notifying the business when an order is made, making it hassle free for you to administer.

Your own items

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Add your own items that you hold in stock and let ShopKeepEasy help you collect the money and process the orders for delivery.

Use our sophisticated yet easy to use stock management system to view stock held on site or at one of our 3rd party warehouses (optional).


Credit member accounts

If you normally provide items for free to members, consider applying credit to their account instead.

This keeps an electronic record of who has had what. It also gives members an incentive to order additional items while selecting their free gift. Contact us to help set this up for you.

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